Mission Statement

The Devou Good Project partners with local nonprofits to assess the unique needs of communities within Greater Cincinnati and to facilitate projects which target the identified needs. Embracing the ideas of artists, philanthropists and visionaries we seek to cultivate vibrant neighborhoods with the resources for positive change.


Devou Good Project (DGP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency established with the goal of cultivating vibrant communities out of transitional neighborhoods.

DGP builds relationships with those in the community working to bring positive change. Initially, members of DGP collaborate with other nonprofits and members of the community to assess their needs. Once needs have been identified, DGP continues to work with the groups to achieve goals and establish partnerships to strengthen future projects.

Not only does DGP provide staffing and resources for event planning and fundraising, but DGP also presents opportunities for local visionaries to work together toward a common goal. By establishing this joint effort, visions and ideas that may have been limited due to lack of resources and exposure can be realized. Relationships between agencies within a community can be cultivated, strengthening the positive voice and fostering change.

The founding members of DGP are skilled professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Collectively, they bring skills and experience from public relations, marketing, the arts, business management/entrepreneurism and education fields. This diversified skill set is a valuable resource to the agencies they assist.

DGP currently has collaborations with Behringer-Crawford Museum, Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky, Devou Park Trails Collective, Grow the Cov, and Renaissance Covington.