Construction Updates

Dec 3

This spring-like weather is a great time to dream about the outdoor play on its way! Here are some long-awaited pictures of construction at NaturePlay@BCM. Construction is slightly behind schedule, no surprise with the amount of rain in Greater Cincinnati this fall, but we are still set for a June Grand Opening.

The picture on the right shows the Cedar entryway in the distance. Directly in front is a really nifty stone bench with a sensory table to the left.

Sensory Tables

On the left is another view of the Entryway with several levels of Sensory Tables. The tables are designed to hold interesting objects for touch, feel, and sight. They are also designed to be crawled around and under and meant to be a place of refuge anytime a child needs a break from NaturePlay@BCM’s sensory experiences.  It may look muddy now, but the area will be mulched and seeded. And a little mud never hurt anyone….


We have j20151105_103125okingly called the project “NaturePlay@BCM…or a million ways to hide from your parents” since its beginning conceptual phases. Here is a place where kids can have at it and hide away. The entire area will be fenced in with one entry. Note: they can only go so far.




20160130_162833Check out this cool climbable trilobite. Do you know when it roamed Devou Park?






And finally, sitting in a pile of mud kids only dream about, are the posts to our Inclusive Zipline Cable Swing. We can’t wait to put this into action. Directly behind it is the chimney to one of the 2 perfectly kid-sized cabins on site.  And don’t worry, the mud is temporary. Play surface will be down as soon as the weather permits its installation.

Dec 2

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