Coming in 2015–NaturePlay@BCM

Play Features Described

Themed Dig Pits

Built to archaeological specifications, NaturePlay@BCM will include two dig pits. One will have an embedded life-size mammoth tusk and other features made of concrete or similar material and then buried so that children will have the capabilities to uncover and discover them again and again. The second dig pit will include a rotating selection of pioneer-era artifacts or reproductions for children to uncover.

Pioneer Cabins

A village of three pioneer cabins will be roughly built of local or on-site wood.

Working Flatboats

Flatboats are designed to replicate the journey of pioneers travelling down the Ohio River. The boats will move on casters as children pull them. Two flatboats are in development. One will be smaller and hold 2-4 children, perfect for younger kids to operate. The other larger boats will hold 6-8 children and be capable of carrying a wheelchair.

Zipline “History in Motion” Swing

The swing is the Cruise Line made by Playworld Systems. It carries multiple children at a time for 41 feet. It is also made with mobility-impaired kids in mind. This unique feature is expected to be the most popular feature in NaturePlay@BCM.

Climbable Woolly Mammoth

An artistic and kid-friendly sculpture will be hidden for children to happen upon during their explorations.

Kentucky Cave

Crawling crevice indicative of caves found in Kentucky.

Willow Tunnel

A long tunnel built of native willow is planned for kids to explore.

Pioneer Garden

A changeable garden planted with seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs representative a pioneer garden.

Climbable Trilobite

Children can get up close and personal with a trilobite big enough to sit on.

Embankment Slide

Built into the hillside, the embankment slide is intended as a quick mode of transportation between features.

Fossil Creek Beds

The Behringer-Crawford Museum is fortunate to sit in an area where almost every rock contains Ordovician Fossils. Several dry creek beds will be lined with these local rocks, providing lots of opportunity for exploration, study and comparison. Children will be able to learn how to identify fossils in the hills and parklands surrounding the Museum.

Sensory Tables

Placed strategically throughout NaturePlay@BCM, sensory tables are designed to be places of calm and controlled exploration for those that need either a timeout from the excitement and noise a group of children brings with it. Items on the sensory tables will be seasonal, and always texturally interesting.

Stumps, Sticks, and Stones

Many other smaller features made of local and easily replaceable natural materials abound: Stumps to climb on, sticks to build with, stones to stack. There are endless toys for boundless imaginations.

Landscape Features


Emphasis is placed on native Kentucky plants and trees. A secondary emphasis is placed on visually and texturally appealing flora in all seasons.

Pathways and Terraces

Pathways have ADA-compliant grading and materials are chosen with mobility impairments in mind. A mixture of stone pavers and tar and chip materials will be used.

Fencing and Gates

Using a mixture of historically accurate fencing, combined with see-through deer fencing, NaturePlay@BCM  is gated to keep little ones in.